“I framed this item because I wanted to showcase it in its best and highest form. I wanted it to have a central spot in my apartment and be one of the pieces around which everything else revolves.”

”I love Chelsea frames. I am always happy with the work they do, and even when their recommendations for framing are a bit untraditional, I trust them and am consistently glad I did.”

“This was a gift from a young woman who works for me, thanking me for my support. It’s a treasure I wanted to honor and protect forever.”

“Chelsea Frames has incredible creativity and love for the pieces they’re framing – let go and let them do what they do best!” – Laura J.

“This item was purchased while on a vacation in the Middle East. It was beautiful and was purchased at a gallery. However, I wasn’t sure what to do with it when i got it home. I wanted to protect it and find an easy way to display it in my home and framing seemed the best way and had been the way the pieces in the Middle East had been displayed as well.”

“I finally brought it to Chelsea Frames to get the piece framed a few months after it’s purchase. The minute I walked in I was greeted by a friendly face and the staff went to work on designing a unique frame to enhance and stay true to the nature of the rug. They offered to clean it prior to framing it and gave many options of frames and colors prior to the decision of the white frame with the gold rim that is now completed. As soon as the conversation started, I knew I had taken it to the right place. I could not be happier with the final piece and will bring any and all future pieces to Chelsea Frames! Thanks again for taking such great care of my piece!” – Shannon B.

“I picked up this piece in a street art market in India, and knew it couldn’t languish in a drawer or a folder. I also knew because it was a strangely sized imperfect piece that I would never be able to make it look great using an off the shelf frame and I loved it enough that I discovered Chelsea Frames, who did great custom work. This was such a great design process, and I cannot encourage anyone strongly enough to trust the artistic expertise that Chelsea Frames brings to the framing process.” – Andrew P.

“The piece was a gift many years ago from a very good friend, now deceased. The piece was previously framed at Chelsea Frames. I wanted it reframed, but not in such a large manner. The result: Amazing.

I have been a customer for two decades and I have never been disappointed. The work is always the best!” – James H.

“My father, Lenny Robinson, tragically passed away in a car accident in August 2015, on his way home from a Batman event. He dressed as Batman and visited sick children in hospitals and gave speeches targeted against bullying. He love helping children in need, and we wanted to commemorate his story forever.

Chelsea Frames has been nothing short of fantastic. The customer experience has been top notch, and they have shown so much love and care for my father’s story. Thank you Chelsea Frames!” – Justin R.

“My husband and I have lived in the US for 4yrs but will likely be moving back to Europe soon, so I wanted to give my husband a lasting memento of our time here as a present for the holidays, and what better than to frame a set of the notes and coins we use daily and probably spend too much of! I had a specific requirement to frame them as ‘floating’ between 2 glass panes in order to see both sides of the notes and coins.

I had tried many other framers more local to me, but no one was able to accommodate the ‘floating’ requirement. Chelsea Frames however gave me several options immediately, with a very reasonable price tag, and all in such a friendly and interested manner, they seemed to relish the challenge. The final result is fabulous, I am SO happy with it and know that my husband will love it also. In a nutshell, this has been a fantastic experience with Chelsea Frames, and they have my wholehearted recommendation for a friendly, efficient and quality service!” – Jen B.

“We recently wed in Paris, in quite the non-traditional and beautiful love ceremony. These vows became the most meaningful and personal moment and we simply had to have them framed in a way that not only helps us remember the day, but also the vows, for a lifetime.

I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with this treasure and keepsake. Chelsea Frames took their time to get to know us and help us preserve our vows in the most beautiful and stunning way.” – Sean & Mia E.

“I have a small collection of ornithological prints and wanted to add this one to the collection, while still bringing the print out in a way that complimented the art. (as opposed o making it cohesive with my other prints)”

“I don’t think it would have turned out as well as it did without Kara’s guidance! She steered me towards mat/frame colors I wouldn’t have otherwise looked at. I’m really happy with it!” – Nina E.

“I framed this item because I wanted a memory from my recent holiday in Japan. Not only the background gray paper was made in a tiny workshop, but the prints were so reminiscent of the beauty of Japan. Though I had an idea of what I wanted to combine the print with the gray backing, Daniel created a spectacular idea with the frame, delicately utilizing the backing. Detailing the artist’s info behind the frame clinched the perfection of Chelsea Frames’ workmanship.” – Kathy C.

“I had this little card lying around and saw how small items could be framed in a way that made them look like a jewel. I loved the concept and wanted to see what could be done.


“I’m really happy with this. It looks gorgeous. Again, I don’t think the final result would have come to be without Kara’s help.” – Nina E.


“This is a simple, inexpensive piece that I thought might have some potential if given a great frame – and that is what I got at Chelsea Frames. They are wonderfully creative and very good listeners.” – Steven A.

“The article discusses the very first crew from the United States to win the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta in England. They were greeted upon returning to NYC with a ticker tape parade from South Street Seaport to Columbia. The article was presented as a gift to commemorate Columbia University’s 2016 Intercollegiate Rowing National Championship in the Lightweight Men’s Eight. It was their first ever victory in this event and first national title since 1929.”

“The framing process was seamless. The selection of the right frame and matting could easily have been overwhelming, but Alex helped immensely to narrow the best options with a well trained eye. The final product you receive here matches the integrity of your piece with the perfect frame and style.” – Nich P.

“This picture belonged to my Great Uncle Walter, a Taurus, as am I (don’t mess with the bull). I always liked it – and him – a lot. It was time to show it some respect at Chelsea Frames.” – David H.

“I had Chelsea Frames frame both of these male paintings because I often spend time alone, sipping an herbal liquor, looking at all of my paintings up on my walls. These two recently acquired paintings are of an entirely style and require careful framing to compliment the art. The frames perfectly draw ones eyes to the paintings and do not distract the visual experience one would have with a cheaply and inappropriately framed painting.

I use Chelsea Frames because they have an extensive inventory of mouldings to select from. Also, I like Christian Rogers, one of Chelsea Frames framers. We usually agree on the correct moulding and other factors, such as floating the art. As I have been framing my paintings since 1970, I have developed an eye for the correct frame. As I often spend more or the same amount of money on the frame as the art itself, my buddies call me a ‘framing nut’ which is true!” — with David Jarrett.

” I framed this piece to carefully preserve an original piece of artwork and to also add character to the piece.

Chelsea Frames has the ability to really know how to draw your eye to the artwork and also add additional flare without taking away from its original intention. Great quality work.”

“I framed this piece because I love the way the artist (Maureen Gubia) painted the portrait. Chelsea Frames takes great care with every job and the workmanship is exceptional.”


“We purchased this hamsa in Safed, Israel last fall. It’s meant to bring health, luck, and good fortune to the home. I grew up in a home with a hamsa and when we saw this in Israel, I knew it would have a special place in our home.”


“We love Chelsea Frames. Our home probably has 15+ pieces framed here. It’s the only store we trust with our art. The quality, craftsmanship, and design is unparalleled.” – Jay

Why did you frame this item?

“Partially, nostalgia. It is actually a vinyl taxi top, and was one of the first I designed when I’d moved to New York and was working for Barneys. Looking back, it’s been 10 years, and it still feels good with that bright pop of PMS 185.”

What do you want others to know about Chelsea Frames?

“I’ve been coming here forever and have so many pieces you’ve framed. This piece, in particular, had to potential to be a problem – it had been rolled for nearly a decade, was only partially adhesive, and of course – it was no problem. You are my go-to.”

“It was a wedding gift from an artist in the family. It is personalized with little details hidden within the piece that speak to our relationship and journey together as a couple. It is a scratch board and she worked on this piece over a few weeks. Chelsea Frames is very friendly and has a very friendly staff. Quick turnaround. They helped me pick this beautiful black with silver trim frame that beautifully mirrors the lines of the scratch board art.”

“My great-great-grandfather Joseph Schmall drew this in 1891. They’ve been passed down through the family over the years, and after a bit of a struggle getting them back from my deceased dad’s second wife, they are finally in the rightful hands. The “Lion” is the family favorite and I am very privileged to have it and have friends and family build their own memories of the spectacular piece.”

“Chelsea Frames is very detail oriented. I didn’t know where to start and Elizabeth was extremely collaborative and creative.”



“This is a floor plan of the house my father built in 1956 in Poughkeepsie, NY. He bought the plan for a magazine – the house was a model of the Better Homes & Gardens 1955 House of the Year and we lived there for all of my childhood. My mother sold the house last year, 2015, after living there for 58 years. The blue border is the same color as the door, the house was made of redwood like the frame. Elizabeth was really helpful in picking out the frame and matting.”

My husband has a thing for plastic bags. He keeps anything and everything, which drives me nuts, because it means we have plastic bags all over the house. We lived in Ghana from 2008-2010, and of course, one of his favorite souvenirs from our time there is this plastic bag. I actually like this one a lot too, it’s colorful, original and unique. I was thinking if I framed it really nicely for him, then maybe he would ease up on some of the plastic bags elsewhere in the house. This will always remind us of the adventures and fun times we shared in West Africa.

Chelsea Frames does very professional work in a quick timeline. They are a great neighborhood frame shop!

— Laura Hur —


“My friend Clark and I were given tickets to a UVA vs. Duke game by a very generous professor who we had a good relationship with. Having sat in the student section for most of the season, this was a special experience, as Duke was a premier ACC and National team at the time. Coach K and an injured Kyrie Irving sat no more than 15 yards away from us on the Duke bench.

I was also in my second year at UVA’s business school, and this felt like an incredible culminating experience that highlighted how much I had grown to love the school and academic community there, and was able to share that love with my Darden classmates.

UVA might have lost the game, but there was one play on the baseline where we were sitting that resulted in a borderline out of bounds call. Screaming as loudly as we could, I’m pretty sure Clark and I swayed the official enough to give UVA possession.

It was a great experience, and I’m excited to have found the ticket and been able to preserve it for posterity.” – Samir Shah

“It’s our anniversary and the opening of his first restaurant, Wisefish Poké. Chelsea Frames is an amazing creative frame store.”